Direct Payment for Children and Families


Direct Payments are offered by the Mosaic team as a way of arranging care for your child. Instead of Social Services putting care, or activities in place you can choose to take money to organise your own care or activities.


If you’ve decided to go for a Direct Payment, or would like more information before you decide we are here to help and advise you every step of the way. We can help you to do the start-up paperwork in order to sign up for the Direct Payment. Where you choose to use an agency, or purchase other services we can help with finding an agency/service provider, have initial discussions with the agency, and draw up a budget for you, so you know how much you can spend.


If you choose to employ someboday directly you may already know them, if not you might have to recruit new workers.

PSiC can help with:

  • Drawing up adverts
  • Placing the advert
  • Assist with PA websites
  • Assisting with short listing
  • Assisting with interviewing
  • Offer our offices to interview if you would rather not do so at home

All decisions about who is employed will be yours, we are just here to assist.

Once you have somebody in place there are a number of things you will be required to do as an employer such as:

  • Draw up a contract of employment –PSiC has standard contracts we can alter to your specific needs
  • Draw up a job description -PSiC has standard Job Descriptions that we can alter to your specific needs
  • Draw up a budget -PSiC will do this for you calculating your worker’s wages, admin costs and ensure you have funds to deal with any emergencies, such as cover for staff sickness.

We will also help you to arrange insurance and sign you up to payroll company.  If you would like a direct payment, but don’t want to actually deal with the money we can set you up with a managed payroll, and they will hold the money for you and make all the payments on your behalf.



If you go ahead with the Direct Payment and get everything in place, we will still be available to you for on-going support. So should there be any changes of staff, budgeting issues or any other queries or problems with the direct payment PSiC are here to assist and advise.


We are pleased to be able to give you access to our forms through our website, we can also deliver them to you if you contact us directly. All referrals should be returned to us by email.